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As one of the main tasks during the Euro-Mediterranean Academy for Young Journalists, the 18 participants formed working teams of two participants each. Always one participants from an EU-country and a participant from a MEDA-country joined forces to conduct research and work together on an article .

After the trainers provided a wide framework for the content of their work, the participants could freely choose their topics. The given frame was:

  • relationship between people,
  • foreign affairs,
  • internal challenges of Jordan, and
  • culture.

It was up to the participants to decide, whether or not they would write one article together or two – as long as they conducted the research together. This approach of intercultural teamwork and research on the ground proved very successful, as you may see in the following sections: All the articles by our participants are published on our website – please click on the topics on the left to read more!

Topics chosen by the participants:

  • Water Shortage in Jordan
  • Leisure Time in Amman
  • Jordanian Football – Between Sports and Politics
  • Jordanian Blogosphere
  • Wealth and Poverty in Amman
  • Iraqi Refugees in Jordan
  • Immigrant workers in Jordan
  • Palestinians in Jordan
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