Some Statements

Some statements of the participants about EMAJ and their experiences in Amman:

Amira Souilem:

“It is quite hard to sum up the EMAJ. It was really an amazing experience. I really appreciated working on the ground about the Iraqi refugees as I’ve already dealt with the same theme in France. The situation of the Iraqi in Jordan is a burning issue the jordanian authorities have to try to resolve urgently with the help of the International community. Otherwise the stability of the Kingdom can be in danger. That’s my personal conclusion after having worked on the subject. I will never forget the fantastic team I worked with and the deeply moving stories of the Iraqi I met. If you can apply to the next EMAJ sessions, just do it ! You won’t regret !”

Maha Al-Kahef:

“What is EMAJ meaning ?

EMAJ not only means Euro-Med Academy for Young Journalists but it is also means other things . This word who every participant loves it and still thinking about it.

EMAJ – the word consists of 4 letters. The first letter is “E” that relates to the Earth, yes the earth which gathered us all in one place, one time, around one breakfast table in the morning, in one room, one lobby, one elevator and one, one, one,……

“M” is the second letter, I love it a lot for many reasons. My name “Maha” begins with “M” but what made me love it more that reminding me of my room mate “Marina” – its really amazing coincidence to have both of us same first letter of our names .

Also “M” – Memories, all of us carried million memories to our countries, these memories we can’t forget them forever.

Third letter “A” from Angels: in my eyes, I saw all of you as angels were created from lights ,my friend participants lighted my friendship concept. My trainers lighted my journalist skills, thoughts, culture, everything. My organizers lighted our way to walk on it as moon does during darken night.

“J” Jordan that nice country. We spend most wonderful days there roaming its streets, restaurants, tasting its foods, its doors and corridors ohhhhhhh my lovely doors. Do you know why? I will tell you even it was secret: me (Maha, and Marina,and definitely Pawel) used to knock on room’s doors in the hotel and on villa’s door in Abdon street and escaped after that faster to not anyone notice us. it was really funny.

I’m really sorry but I can’t continue my writing although I have many things to say but my tears begin dropping one by one…


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